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ONLINE therapy in ENGLISH - let us help you and #stayathome

Coronavirus and all the issues connected to this - does it drive you crazy?
Let us help you ONLINE and please #stayathome.

When you need a therapy in English, we recommend our therapist Beata Jachura-Pressello, who says:

  • "Psychotherapy, as I understand it, is a process that requires the involvement of both parties – the client and the psychotherapist. This type of a relationship provides a sense of security, true contact and authenticity to the meeting. And this, in total, provides a safe environment to pursue change.
  • I work in an integrative approach drawing primarily from the humanistic and existential psychotherapy.
  • I believe that each client is different and therefore needs an individual approach. It is important to accompany the client and support her/him in the achievement of desired changes by expanding insight, discovering meanings, finding answers and solutions that are within the person. Every person has the potential to change and develop, and live in harmony with themselves and the world.


  • I graduated from a four-year Psychotherapy School at the Intra Psychological Support and Education Center.
  • I have a master’s degree from Warsaw University.
  • For many years, I worked in an American aid organization supporting volunteers in their work and life in Poland.


Please feel invited to Ośrodek Psychoterapii i Rozwoju W Poszukiwaniu Siebie (English: In search of Oneself).

+48 22 119 20 11


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